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Services for Sellers

When making the decision to sell your home or investment property, you have clear goals: To sell at the highest price, under terms advantageous to you, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least disruption to your daily life. You also want confidence that you have made the appropriate decision.

Dendom Real Estate’s team of bi-lingual, bi-cultural agents is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

Founded in 2015, dendom envisioned a company offering a personal boutique service that surpasses all expectations. We combine our personal service with cutting edge marketing to attract the greatest number of potential buyers to our listings while assisting English-speaking buyers in their quest to purchase homes or investment property.

Dendom assists all who wish to purchase, sell or lease property within the Berlin area.

We have gathered together a network of financial specialists, architects, lawyers, appraisers and interior designers to offer lend advise in their areas of expertise. Dendom’s knowledge of both domestic and international laws and regulations, specifically German, provides clients with security in their decisions.

dendom Service

Services provided when listing your home or investment property with dendom Real Estate

  • An accurate, up-to-date analysis of your property’s value in the current market
  • Preparation and implementation of a customized marketing plan
  • The use of professional photography and bilingual property descriptions to entice potential buyers to call for a personal viewing
  • National and international print and digital presentations via Real Estate portals
  • Presentations to our database of buyers who are seeking properties of similar interests
  • Skillful negotiation on your behalf when a purchase offer is received
  • Clear and timely communication from listing through handover
  • Accurate preparation of all documents to be delivered to notaries
  • Assistance with procuring legal or financial contacts, as needed – in native language
  • Solution-oriented service – to overcome any possible obstacles to your success

Services for Developers

In addition to the service we offer to all of our listing clients, we meet with you and/or the architect to offer suggestions on floor plans and amenities based on buyers’ interests in today’s market. As exclusive agents, dendom develops a comprehensive marketing plan and sales strategy customized for the individual project’s success from the inception.

With strong international communication abilities, dendom Real Estate is a full-service agency that provides you with exceptional service in all sectors of the market. Our expertise, guidance and personal touch ensures lucrative transactions and lasting business relationships.