Dominic Schache


­­Berlin based realtor Dominic Schache specializes in assisting international clients interested in purchasing Real Estate in Germany. In addition to being bilingual in both German and English, he offers the bi-cultural understanding of the international market.

Born in Berlin, Dominic moved to the United States as a young child. He attended international schools in both Germany and the U.S., and also attended University at South Dakota State, where he studied Entrepreneurship. In 2012, Dominic returned to Berlin as a permanent resident.

Raised by parents who are Real Estate developers in the U.S., his passion for Real Estate originated from childhood. He began his Real Estate career in the U.S., working with his father in Real Estate development before returning to Berlin. Prior to that, he polished his customer service skills working in restaurant management and also contributed his efforts at a casting agency that provided talent for the media industry.

Dominic is well-known for his patience and willingness to provide both buyers and sellers the adequate time needed for decision making. He enjoys the interpersonal relationships developed by the interaction between each client he serves, and helps them effectively reach their goals by customizing his service to their individual needs.

By recognizing the significance of investing in a Real Estate purchase, Dominic’s knowledge of both domestic and international laws and regulations, specifically German, leaves clients secure in their decisions.

For many, investing in a Real Estate purchase is not solely a financial transaction; it is also a highly emotional challenge. Dominic’s willingness to explain all steps of the process and to answer questions clearly and completely reassures his clients with the confidence to meet that challenge.

In addition to assisting buyers, Dominic introduces properties to the market and assists developers in creating new housing projects. His work with buyers gives him the insight to properly advise sellers from a buyer’s point of view. His knowledge of the Berlin market and his expertise in exposing properties to the greatest number of buyers are primary reasons why Berlin property owners are confident with him as their exclusive agent.

In addition to dendom Real Estate, Dominic is an active member in Immobilien Verband Deutschland (IVD) – “Real Estate Association Germany”, proving him with the resources to remain current with industry standards while expanding his network of contacts. Dominic is also enrolled in continuing educational courses via IVD, Europäische Immobilien Akademie (EIA) – “European Real Estate Academy”, and Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) – “Chamber of Industry and Commerce”.

When not assisting clients, Dominic enjoys exploring his favorite city and discovering new hotspots. With a true passion for Real Estate, he also enjoys photography, architecture and interior design.

With strong international communication abilities, Dominic is a full-service agent who specializes in all sectors of the market. His expertise, guidance and personal touch ensures lucrative transactions and lasting business relationships.

Porträt - Dominic Schache, Immobilienmakler
Founder of dendom Real Estate