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Dendom Real Estate’s team of bi-lingual, bi-cultural agents is dedicated to helping both German-speaking and English-speaking clients find the perfect property – and to finalize their purchase with the confidence that comes from having complete understanding and knowledge of the buying process. Dendom Real Estate was founded with the primary goal of providing personal boutique service to both German and English-speaking clients who wish to purchase homes and/or investment properties in Berlin and surrounding areas.

The personal service provided begins with a mutually beneficial approach. Dendom agents listen and comprehend each individual’s goals and requests. Then, German Real Estate procedures are translated and explained to ensure complete understanding of the international buying market. Dendom recognizes the emotional and financial involvement of the buying process. The agents clearly and patiently communicate, which allows clients a sufficient time to make decisions with confidence. The knowledge of both domestic and international laws and regulations, specifically German, provides clients with security in their decisions.

To further enhance the personal services, dendom provides a network of financial specialists, architects, lawyers, appraisers and interior designers to offer advice and guidance in their areas of expertise.

Real Estate Buyers in Germany

Personal Service vs. Real Estate Websites

The quality and quantity of information provided by owners and/or brokers on Real Estate websites is often incomplete and lacks the details necessary for a buyer’s confidence with transactions. In addition, if photographs are available, they are often of poor quality and potentially deceiving due to unethical editing. To learn what is genuinely available in the appropriate price range, dendom provides current factual information on listings and is knowledgeable of the relative value of property in various districts.

Different Brokers, Same Listing

In Germany, sellers are not required to sign exclusive listings with a single broker. As a result, one property might be offered by several different brokers.

Because buyers pay the brokerage fees, buyers who shop with many brokers may get the same property information from two or more brokers. Those who purchase, run the risk of owing multiple brokerage fees for a single purchase. In order to avoid complications and incurring additional costs, the safest option is to remain with a single licensed agency during the course of the purchasing process.

Buyer Expenses

Approximately as Follows

The Property Transfer Tax (Grunderwerbsteuer)

Notary Costs

Registration in the Land Registry Office

Real Estate Agency Fee

6% of purchase price

1% of purchase price

0.5% of purchase price

Up To 7.14% of the purchase price, including 19% VAT

Note: Up to 15% in expenses is added to the price of the home and/or investment property.

Verbal and/or written purchase agreements are not binding until signed with a public notary. 

Once the buyer and seller reach an agreement, dendom works directly with public notaries to prepare the binding contact. The notaries are neutral parties that are legally obligated to ensure the seller owns the property and has the right to sell. Also, the notary will inform the client of any covenants or easements effecting the property. When the agreement is signed, payment is usually made and held in escrow by the notary until all contingencies are met. Examples of contingencies include completion of agreed-upon repairs and shortcomings.

Services for Investors

Dendom not only assists clients in finding investment properties suited to their specific portfolios, but also supports clients in bringing new projects to the Berlin market.

As exclusive agents, dendom prepares a detailed marketing strategy to reach the greatest number of buyers. Dendom’s knowledge of current buyer demands aids in guiding clients and their architects during planning and new construction phases.